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Super Bowl XLII heads to 28 countries in HD, takes Neural-THX with it

Darren Murph

It seems like just yesterday that we were stoked to hear that Sky would be broadcasting Super Bowl XLI in HD across the pond, but a release this year put forth by THX is proclaiming that out of the 223 countries in which Super Bowl XLII will be shown, 28 of them will have the luxury of seeing it in high-definition. Additionally, Neural Audio Corporation, THX and the NFL have teamed up to deliver the international HD broadcast of the big game in Neural-THX Surround. For those still unfamiliar with the technology, it takes the 5.1 sound from the field, beams it over stereo channels to minimize bandwidth usage and then gets decoded by specially equipped receivers to deliver "5.1 surround" in the living room. Still, the trio of entities are pretty jazzed about the whole idea -- you know, considering it's the first time ever that international viewers get even a shadow of true surround sound for the Super Bowl.

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