Sky to broadcast Super Bowl XLI in HD

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.31.06

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Sky to broadcast Super Bowl XLI in HD
We know, this weekend (and next) is all about seeing which professional teams squeeze their way into the playoffs, and moreover, seeing which college teams score bowl victories in their respective contests, but for the Brits over in England seeing less pigskin and more round ball, we've got some news for you. Reportedly, Sky is set to broadcast America's most-watched sporting event to its customers in crisp high definition, which would make it the first major US-centric sporting event to be shown in such clarity by the company. This past September, Sky Sports purportedly nailed down a deal to show live NFL games and "supporting programs," and we see no better way to take advantage of the newfound partnership than giving the blokes across the pond an HD taste of the sport so well loved here in the States. So for you Sky customers with absolutely nothing else to do on February 4th, be sure to take a gander at Super Bowl XLI, if for no other reason than seeing our football in a whole new dimension.

[Via DigitalSpy]
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