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Did Voce die overnight, without warning?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We don't yet know for sure what's up, but we're hearing that customers of Voce, the luxury MVNO based on AT&T's network, woke up on February 1st to zero service, dead customer service lines, and even some crazier claims like being double-billed for the final month of service. We gave their sales lines -- usually the very last thing to go down -- a ring, and got no reply. It's possible this could be some kind of huge misunderstanding and outage on Voce's part, which we do hope it is, because if they did shut down they certainly did so in about the most abrupt, impudent way imaginable. Either way, looks like guys are going to be out for the count -- we wouldn't exactly expect a mobile phone provider to go completely dark, ignore its customers for days, and expect to retain any business.

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