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Hardcore Giants fan opts for HDTV over trip to Super Bowl XLII

Darren Murph

We've polled you fine folks before to get your take on whether sporting events are better seen live and in person or on an HDTV, and while responses tend to vary, one particular Giants fan recently made the decision to enjoy Super Bowl XLII from the comfort of his own home rather than jetting down to Arizona with a pocketful of Benjamins. Said fan has yet to miss a New York Giants home game in 17 years, but after mulling it over with his better half, they collectively decided to plunk down two large on a new Samsung and made plans to host a sure-to-be-riveting party. Of course, judging by recent HDTV sales and home theater installations in the New York region alone, it's pretty safe to say that they aren't the only ones making this choice. Our only concern is that the fan somehow believes his TV purchase will last (read: not be replaced) "for 15 years" -- something tells us he was misinformed.

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