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Sprint says it's still committed to iDEN

Chris Ziegler

As we mentioned yesterday, Sprint has gone on record saying that it's going to continue to stand behind its legacy iDEN infrastructure, the massive PTT network inherited from its Nextel acquisition and marketed under the Nextel Direct Connect brand. We can understand that there are thousands of companies and millions of individuals that rely on Direct Connect to go about their business -- but by the same token, we're surprised that Sprint isn't instead saying that it intends to aggressively push its upcoming CDMA-based Qchat system over iDEN and make the transition as smooth and inexpensive as possible for its Direct Connect customers. Whatevs; we suppose it's good news that Sprint intends to inject a handful of relatively exciting new hardware into the mix in 2008 -- something Sprint alludes to in its press release, along with the promise of several new "press-to-x" features that will allow users to send texts, pictures and the like just as they would a PTT call. Last time we checked that was called SMS and MMS, but what do we know?

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