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Capcom addresses DMC4 install complaints


Borrowing a bit of that white-haired bravado, Capcom has unapologetically responded to the so-called crybabies for whom Devil May Cry 4's 21 min, 40 sec PlayStation 3 pre-game installation (timed by CVG) stretches out like an eternity of wasted opportunity and nonfulfillment. "Wah! Have you ever played a PC game? At least we aren't making you shuffle multiple discs into a ROM drive, or continuously click 'Yes!' on a series of endless Windows dialog boxes," Capcom's Chris Kramer fires back at any griefer who will listen.

Once the DMC4 installation is complete (a one-time process – unless you delete the 5GB of data), Capcom claims players will experience "near-Super Nintendo speed load times," which CVG clarifies as "one or two seconds shy of those in the [Xbox] 360 [version of the game]." Whether you feel this perk justifies the initial wait-to-play (which is alleviated by a screenshot recap of the series) or not, Capcom doesn't much care. Pre-game installation is a reality for a growing number of PS3 games. It's not a bullet-point any publisher wants to list on a press release or print on a retail box, but it's a 'next-gen feature' we all need to get used to.

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