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Razorwire snaps at TR vet reward

Chris Chester

In our daily internet travails this morning we were a bit surprised to see Warcry's razorwire taking a bit of a nasty shot at the Tabula Rasa community crew for having included a joke 3-month-veteran award instead of something "cool" like black armor. He further postulates that one of the artists for the game probably put a lot of work into the model for his furry fandom, and wanted to validate that work by including it in the game somehow. I'm not quite sure if he was trying to be funny or edgy or whether he was actually genuinely angry about having a unicorn mask left in his bag for being a 3-month veteran. Seems a bit of an overreaction either way, and he appears to have missed the point.

Anybody who has followed Tabula Rasa for a few years now no doubt remembers when the game's development was rebooted due to a lack of design focus. Back then, the game featured a lot of eccentricities that were more befitting the East Asian audience the game was originally trying to court. One of those eccentricities was an abundance of unicorns in the early builds of the game, which delighted some and confused most. Back in November we found one of the early trailers of the game and were similarly confused by the unicorn to people ratio. It was quite high. Still, I think the unicorn mask is a fun little self-deprecating joke with the fans who are most likely to "get it." Moreover, we know full well we're not getting our charcoal paint for another week, so what's the sense in crying about it?

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