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Yukemuri Suspense's real-world adventure


Zenrin's Yukemuri Suspense (Steam Suspense) uses real-world locations and maps of Japan in its mystery story, sending players (virtually) to landmarks and hotspots. More screens of the investigative adventure game have come out showing the digitized, realistic style of the game, and, well, we don't know what to say. We had this vague hope that the total-realism approach would imbue the game with a serious, dramatic tone. But it doesn't! It's just kind of goofy. We suppose you still have to hire realistic actors.

The latest Famitsu post about the game mentions that not only are the locations in this murder-mystery real, but so are the lodgings and the food served. It's a mystery game as a travel guide! We can look past silly faces and appreciate the innovation.

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