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VIC Ltd rolls out NaviSurfer II in-car PC


It's not quite as sleek as some in-car PCs, but VIC Ltd's new NaviSurfer II looks like it'll at least get the job done with minimal hassle, and at a relatively reasonable price to boot. Despite appearances above, however, this one is a bring-your-own-OS deal (supporting Windows or Linux), and you'll need provide own USB or Bluetooth add-ons if you want to make good on the company's claims that it'll double as GPS unit. But still, for between $578 and $656, you'll get a flip-out 7-inch touchscreen, along with a 1.0GHz or 1.3GHz processor of an unspecified sort, 256MB or 512MB of RAM, and a 40GB, 80GB, or 120GB hard drive. Not exactly enough for some Crysis tailgate parties to be sure, but likely more than enough to handle your basic computing and media playback needs.

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