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Craft the vote


It's no secret that there's a weakness in the crafting component of Richard Garriott's sci-fi epic, Tabula Rasa. The folks at Tabula Rasa Vault put that weakness to the test last week when it asked it's community members, "Do you craft?" A total of 330 votes were tallied and a whopping 215 of those votes responded with, "Maybe if they fix things." Ouch. This week TR Vault tosses out a follow up question: What change would you like to see MOST in crafting? They offer four possible answers, with a fifth allowing you to comment in their forum thread. The folks at NCsoft and Destination Games take this matter very seriously since they've announced this in their own Community News section. If you'd like to see changes in the crafting system, be sure to go and cast your vote!

I have a handful of toons spread out across the middle teens, and crafting simply doesn't seem to be very useful. While it's fun to collect and break down equipment to see what you get out of them, the current system is a bit cumbersome, time-consuming and not very beneficial at low levels. Based on what I've read elsewhere crafting doesn't make a noticeable difference until the 30's. This isn't a deal breaker for me since I still love the fast-paced action and the "realistic" sense of a war that the game imparts. What are your thoughts? We want to know!

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