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Legendary to open this summer for Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Jason Dobson

Atari and those wily rascals at Gamecock have announced a release date window for the upcoming first-person shooter Legendary, currently being banged out by Turning Point devs Spark Unlimited. The publishing duo note that Legendary (thankfully having dropped that silly 'The Box' subtitle) will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this summer. So far this has only been confirmed for the game's UK release, though given that the title is being co-published by both Atari and Austin-based Gamecock, we expect a similar window to be confirmed for North America in short order.

First unveiled as part of Gamecock's lineup during E3 2007, Legendary left us impressed with its focus on frenetic action and a compelling story about a thief who is tricked into stealing and inadvertently opening the mythical Pandora's Box, letting loose all of the freakish goodies inside. Details continue to be scarce, though Spark's top banana Craig Allen notes that the developers are taking extra effort to "ensure optimum performance, regardless of platform." This is one we can't help but keep on the ol' radar, and now that we have an idea of when to expect Legendary to drop we can stop climbing the walls and get back to doing something more constructive. Like continuing our letter campaign to Spark to change the name of the game.

Update: As suspected, Gamecock reps have confirmed that Legendary is set to be released in North America this summer as well. And we've also added some new images of the game to the gallery!

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