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Rumor: New Star Wars MMO isn't from BioWare?

Michael Zenke

Have you ever read the Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars blog? Despite the name, she usually has nothing to say about the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Instead, she regularly drops deep insider tidbits about the gaming industry. Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know type stuff. If she's a scammer, she's good enough to fool some of the best in the business. One of the men behind the curtain at the well respected site Gamasutra, Simon Carless, regularly deconstructs her posts on the GameSetWatch blog. She generally passes his sniff test.

So why do I mention her here? Because early today she dropped a possible bombshell on all of us who have been really hoping BioWare's MMO-in-development is Knights of the Old Republic Online. Says the Girl: "Next year's Star Wars MMO, not being developed by BioWare or Sony Online Entertainment, will launch simultaneously for PC and consoles alongside the debut of the first Star Wars TV series in fall 2009, of which the storylines of the game will tie into. Those Artistic Lucases already have a second online title planned that I've heard has nothing to do with Star Wars."

Jigga-wha? If this is true and the next Star Wars MMO isn't from BioWare or SOE, who is making it? Does this mean that BioWare isn't making KOTORO? I can't imagine that come 2010 or 2011 there will be three Star Wars based online games around. Anyone have a guess as to what's going on here?

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