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Tabula Rasa has another control scheme?

Chris Chester

Have you ever played a game over a period of a few months, thinking that you've plundered the very depths of its gameplay system, only to have some facet of the game come along and smack you on the forehead? It happened to me this morning in Tabula Rasa when I was playing around with a brand new Forean clone and stumbled on an entirely new control scheme I had never seen before. It was buried in the options menu, and has completely changed the way I play. I knew I had to share it with you, dear readers, because there have to be a few other players out there who weren't aware they had this option at their fingertips.

If you go into the options menu, click the key bindings tab, you can select "MMO Style" from the drop-down menu. It swaps the control bars at the bottom of your screen in a way that should completely change the way you play. Where before you had to use the toolbar to select a Logos ability and then right-click to activate it, the MMO style scheme allows you to use the ability simply by pressing the corresponding number, just as it does in other MMO titles. As an added bonus, the interact button is switched from the "T" button to the right mouse button. The MMO scheme, I'm finding, is particularly helpful for those under the Specialist tree who need quick access to a variety of Logos abilities. Saving those extra button presses is a real life-saver. If you haven't already, give it a try.

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