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PTR copy enabled, Rocket Boots changed

Eliah Hecht

Update: Tigole is now saying 2.4 will be on the PTR "very soon."

MMO-Champion reports that yesterday the PTR Character Copy functionality was switched on, potentially implying that a patch 2.4 PTR is imminent. Or it could be nothing. Either way, might as well copy a toon or two over: US link, EU link. I got a "server busy" error, but hopefully that'll go away sooner or later. This is the same patch that Blizzard hoped was going to get to PTR by the end of 2007, though, so I wouldn't necessarily hold your breath.

One more piece of 2.4 news: Rocket Boots Extreme are having their stamina bonus removed, which will make them somewhat less valuable in PvP. Also, a new cloth version called Xtreme Light Rocket Boots (?) will appear with the following stats:
Bind on Equip
Cloth - 196 Armor
Engineering (330) required
Equip: increases damage and healing by up to 35
Use: Engage the rocket boots to greatly increase your speed. You probably won't be still standing when you get there though... (5 Min Cooldown)
Update 2: The boots will now also cause the wearer to drop a WSG, Zangarmarsh, or EotS flag, if they're holding one.

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