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Wearable 3G CCTV system lets you snoop sort-of discreetly, be totally creepy

Nilay Patel

We've certainly seen our share of wearable cameras and CCTV gear, but a company in England called WCCTV is aiming to combine the worst qualities of each with the 3G Covert Backpack, a torso-mounted vest with built-in camera and 3G modem. We're not exactly sure how "covert" a giant vest with a camera sticking out of it is, but assuming you make it into your mark's back-alley lair, the vest will transmit audio and video over 3G to your handlers, as well as your GPS-tracked location. If things get hairy, there's a panic button -- but it's located on the right shoulder, so smacking it is just about as discreet as yelling for help into the camera. Of course, you could always just chuck the enormous waist-mounted battery pack and control unit at your assailants while you wait for help to arrive -- or you could slip any number of video-capable cellphones into your shirt pocket and, you know, actually be discreet.

[Via picturephoning]

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