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Blacksmiths won't be left behind in the Sunwell

Alex Ziebart

Blacksmiths aren't being left out of the crafting spree and receive some new recipes of their own. Additionally, Miners get a new type of metal! Sort of.

Hardened Khorium can be made by Miners as of patch 2.4, and is used in the new Smithing plans. Hardened Khorium isn't as frightening as it sounds, it doesn't require 10 bars like its Adamantite counterpart. The bad news is, Hardened Khorium Bars require Hardened Adamantite Bars. 3 Khorium Bars and 1 Hardened Adamantite Bar will net you a Hardened Khorium Bar. Who knew smelting was such a confusing process?

Now the good stuff: Like Tailoring, Blacksmithing is receiving at least two new sets consisting of a breastplate and some gloves. The Hardened Khorium set is a set of DPS plate, and the Sunblessed set is Healing plate. Both sets have a total of 5 sockets, but they're a little less focused than the tailored gear. Red, blue and yellow sockets are all present here.

Like the other new crafted gloves, the Blacksmithing gauntlets take a handful of Sunmotes. Aside from the Sunmotes, all of the other materials can be acquired in-game before the launch of 2.4. Primals, metals, nethers, those sorts of things.

If you care to see the stats, go ahead and check them out after the jump. A special thanks goes out to MMO Champion for these images.

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