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Digital cliff could drop more antenna TV viewers than anticipated


When the analog cutoff happens next year, some OTA watchers will need to trade in the bunny ears for upgraded or external antennas (even if they have digital TVs or converter boxes) to continue getting reception. The FCC's estimates on how many viewers will be affected by the "digital cliff" -- weak analog signals can be fuzzy, but still viewable, while digital is clear but simply drops out after a point -- have been disputed market research firm Centris. The numbers vary depending on your particular 'hood and its topography, but Centris' research found the FCC's estimates of 60-75 miles before signal dropout was really more like 35 miles in Las Vegas, Philadelphia and St. Louis. Additionally, it figures as many as 80 percent of viewers have antennas that won't be able to adequately receive digital signal. Anyone planning on picking up a new antenna with that converter?

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