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Star Wars the only IP that can challenge World of Warcraft?

Michael Zenke

Games industry rumor-monger Surfer Girl is apparently not done with MMO-bombshells yet. Last week she partially deflated the hopes of folks wanting a Massively Multiplayer version of Knights of the Old Republic. Today she says she sees the SOE/LucasArts venture Star Wars Galaxies closing down within a year of the release of the new game. Lucas and the (unnamed) company working on the new MMO apparently think Star Wars is "the only IP that can pose a serious challenge [to] World of Warcraft".

She also claims that the Old Republic setting is too niche to fully utilize the Star Wars IP, which is why it's not the new game's setting. If the new MMO is set in the same period as the new television show, as she previously claimed, it will likely take place sometime between Episode III and IV. That previously untapped period in the Galaxy Far, Far Away is the setting for most of Lucas' new projects. She goes on to say that LucasArts and the dev house expect their new project to have at least three million subscribers by the end of its first year.

As for what BioWare is actually working on, she intimates that the Edmonton studio is working on a new KOTOR title. The MMO the Austin studio is making (according to an earlier post of hers) "has a fantasy setting akin to the company's previous fantasy role playing games." So ... Dungeons and Dragons possibly? The world made so much more sense last week. Do you think she is right about WoW and Star Wars? Is the Force the only thing that could shake Azeroth's deathgrip on the massive gaming genre?

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