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TI touts chips for integrated pico projectors, HD recording on mobiles

Darren Murph

It's no secret that Texas Instruments has been pushing to get its technologies into more cellphones for awhile now, and considering that even Nokia reckons that HD recording capabilities in mobiles is but a few years away, it's not too shocking to hear what TI busted out at Mobile World Congress. Reportedly, the firm has unveiled "a chip to support cellphones with mini projectors and another chip that would let users record high-definition video on their phones." After showing prototypes in the past, TI asserted that it had chips "ready for production" for pico projectors that could be integrated into a variety of handsets, while the OMAP3440 -- which would let consumers capture HD footage on the same device that gives those thumbs a workout -- will be available in Q2 for handset makers to test out.

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