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The companion cube cannot remain through the testing

Eliah Hecht

Here's a little something to brighten up your Monday. Sharp-eyed tipster Aikiwoce spotted this dead ringer for a certain object that rhymes with "freighted D'Artagnan noob" outside the Stormwind gates, presumably as part of the "Love Is in the Air" holiday that kicked off today. I love Blizzard and their cultural references. Has anyone else seen something interesting?

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SInce we're on the subject of real world references in WoW, check out this gallery of curiously familiar names of NPC's in game.

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Also, players dressed as their favorite WoW characters at last year's Blizzcon.

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And how can we forget people dressed up as their favorite characters from their favorite book/movie/tv series/game at last year's DragonCon.

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Love is in the Air and on WoW Insider. Check out our continuing coverage of the event and our guide to earning the achievement. And you better hurry; the holiday only lasts five days!

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