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EA's Nerf N-Strike is Nerf onscreen and off [update]


EA's deal with Hasbro is starting to bear fruit, with announcements of Littlest Pet Shop and Nerf N-Strike games on the DS and Wii. The press release revealing these games has something wonderful buried within it that instantly upgrades Nerf N-Strike from "nondescript licensed game" to "please tell us more":

"With the brand new custom Nerf blaster, players can then take the action outside as their controller transforms to fire actual Nerf darts!"

Take that, Wii Zapper (and by that, we mean a barrage of Nerf darts). The Nerf Wiimote shell was nice, but this is how you integrate the squishy weapons with waggling. The new Wii Crotch Missile is the perfect companion piece to the Wii Crotch Bat!

[Update: thanks to Shacknews, we can now gaze upon the Wii Nerf gun. It's amazing.]
[Via Siliconera]

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