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Harman Kardon hops on the Blu-ray bandwagon

Steven Kim

Harman Kardon, perhaps emboldened by the recent changes in the format war climate, has announced support for Blu-ray. Talk is cheap, though, so the company will release a Blu-ray player in the £450 - £500 range (approximately $880 - $980) at IFA 2008 in September as proof of its commitment. We like Harman Kardon gear, but that's a bit rich for our blood. Luckily, the company is also going to be sprinkling Blu-ray across its lineup, right down to its HTIB systems. It's safe to assume that HK will maintain its high-end luster (with prices to match), so don't expect bargain sort of prices from the brand; but still, it's always better to have more competition in the game. And speaking of high end, HK showered some more love on Blu-ray by showing (and thus maintaining the promise of) the DVC 600 Blu-ray / HDD recorder first seen at IFA 2007. Supposedly, this beast will enable owners to capture "up to eight channels of TV," and it'll also boast a 1TB hard drive and an optional BD writer. Beyond that, specifics are a tad fuzzy, but we are hearing that it will include DVI, USB, a plethora of EPG modes and "the ability to remove advertisements from recorded programs." Per usual, mum's the word on price and availability, but this is one Blu-ray recorder that we hope makes it stateside.

[Via Electronista]

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