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The Daily Grind: Game over?

So I'll start off this morning a wee bit off-topic. You see, I just recently picked up a 360 (yeah, I'm behind the times, hush) and despite the fact that I'm not a huge FPS person, I've really been enjoying Bioshock. Of course, I admit that I'm enjoying it more from the aspect of taking Ayn Rand & Objectivism and turning it completely on its ear, moreso than shooting splicers into gooey piles. As with all console games, there will eventually come an end -- a point at which I've beaten it and have to move on. This isn't the case with MMOs, for the most part. There is never a "game over" screen for them -- you must decide the end of your own story. So today we thought we'd ask you this; is there ever a point at which you feel that you've personally hit a "game over" portion? Would you consider "game over" to be when you've beaten all the big endgame content, or is it just when you're tired of playing and need a break? Is there never a point where you say to yourself that it's over?

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