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WoW Moviewatch: Here Without You

Moo Money

This machinima is almost three years old, yet it still holds up today. Here Without You, by Dimoroc, doesn't have special effects, a flashy intro, or even any dialogue. It tells the story of a Forsaken and how they became that way. Using music and powerful scenes, he is able to convey emotion that I did not think possible of World of Warcraft.

The story of Dimoroc himself is a mystery. He showed up at Warcraftmovies, uploaded this one video, and then disappeared shortly after. Almost two years later, he popped up under a different account to thank everyone for their comments, then disappeared again. However, present or not, he has left a lasting impression on the WoW machinima community. If you're out there, Dimoroc, thank you for creating one of the few machinimas that made me cry!

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