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Microsoft acknowledges Xbox 360 shortages in US

If you've been having trouble tracking down an Xbox 360 (and we've heard from a handful of you on our tips line), Reuters physically grabbed a hold of marketing veep Jeff Bell and wrung some answers out of him. Bell told Reuters that Microsoft "misjudged" post-holiday demand which lead to ongoing outages at retailers nationwide. This has, understandably, upset some retailers.

But retailers aren't the only ones missing those boxes, Bell also worries the shortages "will have an impact on [their] sales." We'll find out precisely how many units they managed to sell in January later today, when the monthly NPD report fills us with enough stats to make our little green and red arrow generator perk up. To jog your failing memory: Microsoft sold 770K consoles in November, a 110% increase from the previous month, and then a whopping 1.26m in December, a generous 64% increase. Easy now, arrows. It won't be long. Be patient ...

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