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Palm ads take a shot at RIM's recent Blackberry outages

Nilay Patel

Nothing says Valentine's Day like trying to cash in on a vulnerable, insecure relationship -- and it looks like Palm's doing its best to, ahem, "be there" for Blackberry addicts left a little shaken by Monday's network outage. The company's taken out full page ads in several national papers and changed its homepage to read that Palm devices include a little something called "uptime" -- which is actually pretty funny since we've got a Treo 750 here that's been rendered all-but-useless by AT&T's various outages these past few weeks, but we'll still grant points for panache. Of course, that still doesn't change the fact that a recent survey ranked Palm dead last in customer satisfaction, but since when has being a homewrecker had anything to do with long-term happiness?

[Via coolsmartphone]

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