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PGR4 Valentine's DLC is waiting for your love

Dustin Burg

Just a reminder for Bizarre fans that today, racing out of the XBLM gates, is a pair of previously revealed Project Gotham Racing 4 DLC downloads including some paid and some free goods. First up we have a 400 Microsoft point Premium Challenge Pack which includes an additional seven new cars, three new bikes, a new World Challenge Mode that adds 20 new chapters, a new Tourist Mode and ten additional achievements. It's what we'd call DLC that's "packed full of fun". The other piece of PGR4 DLC is the free Challenge Pack which is comprised of a 2007 Peugeot Flux racer, the new Tourist Mode and the Cat and Mouse Mode that didn't quite make the cut last time free DLC was offered. Both packs are available for download off the XBLM right this moment, just be sure to buckle up and watch for deer. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you on Valentine's Day.

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