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New research insists that format war stalemate remains alive

Darren Murph

Here's a timely one. Just days after one reader in particular voiced his concerns about now being the right time to choose one format to support, along comes research claiming that the stalemate is still on. The new data was gathered from over 2,000 online shoppers in mid-January (read: after Warner's blockbuster decision), and apparently, 63-percent of those polled indicated that "they plan to wait to make a purchasing decision until one format leads the market." Potentially more interesting, however, was the note that some 56-percent of participants stated that "they would purchase a Blu-ray Disc player if they saw significant price drops," though just about 40-percent of folks said they didn't anticipate "purchasing any high definition product in the near future." Food for thought, sure, but don't go taking these results too seriously, okay?

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