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Wii Warm Up: New pew pew pew


If there's one thing the Wii has plenty of, it's scrolling shooters, vertical and horizontal. Thanks to the Virtual Console, the Wii has probably the best library of shmups in history. You can go play something like Lords of Thunder or Blazing Lazers right now without even having to go to a store first. That's pretty compelling.

Which means that original disc-based shooters actually face a lot of competition from the VC. If you're just now discovering that you love shooters, you can get some of the best ones ever made for a few bucks. That could mean trouble for Castle of Shikigami III, Monkey King and Blast Works.

If you like shooters, are you content with the vintage offerings? Do you feel that there's enough of a reason to continue checking out the new games, or have you been reveling in undiscovered classics?

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