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The Daily Grind: What game pulled you in to MMOs?

It seems like no matter how many people we talk to, almost all of them seem to have a warm fuzzy place in their heart for their first MMO. No matter how many hours it took you to cross the world on foot, how many corpse runs you had to spend hours on without benefit of gear (EverQuest, I'm looking at you here) or how many times you lost a level or three due to getting into a party full of particularly bad players and wiping repeatedly. We've taken the abuse, and we came back for more -- for a while, anyway. For today's question, we thought we'd ask you -- how did your MMO love start out? What was the game that sucked you in? Do you still remember it fondly, despite some now out-of-the-question mechanics, or instead do you now declare it to be the worst game ever?

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