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Wii Warm Up: The Sega Master System

Candace Savino

When virtual console support for the Sega Master System was announced, this blogger jumped, screamed, and did some sort of "happy dance" around the room. After being told that this was an odd reaction to news about the Sega Master System, of all things, the celebration calmed down a little.

Was it odd, though, fellow video game aficionados? What was your reaction? Joy, indifference, or perhaps even repulsion are all possible answers (though that last one might make me shed a tear or two). Did you ever own the Master System? If so, what games are you most looking forward to? And if not, does that make you more or less excited to finally have the chance to play some old-school titles?

Also, let's not forget about the inclusion of Game Gear games. Not that we're trying to sway your answer here ... okay, we totally are.

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