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Samsung takes i780 to retail in Europe

Chris Ziegler

Let's try to get past the fact that Samsung ended a sentence with a preposition for just a moment, if you will, and turn our collective attention to the real headline here: the SGH-i780 Windows Mobile 6 Professional handset. True, it's been official for quite some time now, but it seems that the phone's just now getting its proper European launch with support from Orange and Telefonica along with an unlocked, unsubsidized version that should be turning up in retailers across the continent for something in the range of €549 (about $805). A little steep, perhaps, but considering the HSDPA, 320 x 320 square display, WiFi, and "optical joystick" for navigation, we'll cut it just a little slack. That grammatically problematic sentence, though -- well, that's another matter altogether.

[Via the::unwired]

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