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Shuffle price drop


After this morning's store downtime the Shuffle product page shows a $30 price drop to $49. If you're in the doghouse for not getting a Valentine's Day gift for your significant other, this might be your opportunity. Of course, I don't know what meaning might be construed from giving your sweetheart runt of the iPod family, but it might be taken better than the heart-shaped box of chocolates you picked up in the check-out line.

What am I saying? Mac users are romantics in addition to being snobs, right?

Thanks Mog!

Update: Woah! In all the excitement we missed the fact that Apple has also announced a new 2GB shuffle that will sell for $69 when it is available later this month (our friends in the UK will be paying £32 for the 1GB model and £45 for the 2GB model) .

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