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Europe: Wii Fit hits April 25; Mario Kart, April 11; Brawl rumored for June 6

Kyle Orland

With Nintendo confirming upcoming American release dates left and right, Europeans would be justified in feeling a little left out of the fun. Luckily, Nintendo was magnanimous enough to let out an official announcement on two major upcoming release dates, and perhaps sloppy enough to leak out rumor of another.

First on the official side, Nintendo of Europe has announced that Wii Fit will hit the continent on April 25, a full month before Americans get the game and balance board on May 12. Mario Kart Wii, meanwhile, will hit Europe on April 11, a much more specific date than the nebulous "Spring" that American gamers currently have to vaguely look forward to.

On the rumor side, Dutch site GamerCC (sketchy Google translation) reports from France's Micromania Game Show that Nintendo let slip a planned June 6 European release date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Sounds juicy, until you hear that a Nintendo spokesperson told that the date was "a rumour and purely speculative." That doesn't mean it's false, necessarily, just that Nintendo isn't willing to confirm that it's true just yet.

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