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Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, others sued by Implicit Networks in patent brouhaha


Implicit Networks isn't exactly a household name, but it sure looks like its trying to make itself known with its latest lawsuit, which takes aim at no less than Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Sun and Real Networks (plus semiconductor company Raza Microelectronics). As you've no doubt surmised, the cause of all that litigiousness is some alleged patent infringement by those big name companies, and specifically a violation of Implicit's patent for "Methods and System for Demultiplexing a First Sequence of Packet Components to Identify Specific Components Wherein Subsequent Components are Processed without Re-identifying Components." Exactly what that is, we're not sure, but Implicit claims that each of the aforementioned companies violated it in their own particular way, and it's now demanding an unspecified amount of cash in return.

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