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Mobiado and Bluestar Jets team up, offer handsets and charters


Ah yes, nothing makes more sense than an outlandishly priced handset coupled with a flight credit for a private jet charter service. The roar of the Bluestar Jets aircraft and the inability to call while in flight will make this pricey duo a sure hit with the millionaire club. Starting now, Mobiado and Bluestar will throw in a $1,000 credit for a flight, exclusive pricing, direct contacts with the airline, and access to some 4,000 aircraft with each handset purchased. Touting the service as "Any jet. Any time. Any place" they guarantee an aircraft anywhere in 4 hours. We're almost ready to call 'em on it too, we just need to save up the other $38,000 beans for our flight from Ottawa to New York. Pics and more info in the next 15 years or so when we're good to go.

[Via MobileBurn]

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