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Testronic Labs' interactive Blu-ray / HD DVD test facility is only half useful

Darren Murph

Oh sure, we've seen testing devices for both HD DVD and Blu-ray before, with the latter even boasting a dedicated quality assurance lab, but we've a feeling only half of Testronic Labs newest facility will actually see any real usage. The firm has constructed an interactive Blu-ray and HD DVD test bed in Burbank, California in an attempt to provide "third-party, quality-control of high definition software and integrated web capability." Unfortunately for it, we don't foresee too many more any new highly advanced HD DVDs in the pipeline, so it looks as if most of the scrutiny will surround HDMV, BD-J and BD-Live. Ah well, the joint probably needed space for a cafeteria, anyway.

[Thanks, Steve]

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