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Alone in the Dark -- skip chapters if you don't want to play

Nick Doerr

If you've been keeping up with Alone in the Dark news, this might not be anything particularly important to you. But for those who just want to know a little bit more, you may get a laugh out of this one. Apparently, if you get stuck over the course of the game, a DVD-like menu will allow you to actually skip that section of the game and move on. Yes, you can just skip through the game if you'd like.

Call us crazy, but we've always derived a sense of joy from getting through a game. Figuring out a puzzle, conquering a particularly tricky boss, or just making it to the next cut-scene have always been motives for our continued love of gaming. Letting players skip through a game is fairly useless -- it defeats the idea of releasing a "game". Unless Alone in the Dark is nigh-impossible, we think this is a pretty strange idea.

[via CVG]

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