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Mattel's D-Rex wants a piece of Pleo, your leg

Darren Murph

If you're content with letting time pass you by, you may not realize that this year's holiday shopping season is but ten months away, and apparently, Mattel thinks it's got the whole hottest toy thing figured out already. Granted, we'd place our bets on that wildly animated Elmo Live fellow (and yeah, Kota is a legitimate dark horse), but the $150 D-Rex dinosaur is still pretty slick. Aimed at kids ages six and (way) up, the interactive dino reportedly features 100 different roars, "lifelike" skin (saywha?) and the ability to respond to a variety of commands or simply take a chunk out of your ankle if he prefers. Looks like Pleo's got its work cut out, eh?

[Thanks, Braden R.]

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