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We're falling for Wall-E, the GameCube mod

Candace Savino

Have you ever seen a GameCube as cute as this? Before you say "yes" and provide a million and ten links of cuter mods, just look into Wall-E's eyes. You'll make him cry! And we all know what happens when water gets on a GameCube -- it goes to console heaven. So, for Wall-E's sake, just let it be.

Based on the character in the upcoming Disney Pixar film, this adorable mod was made with children's toys, Plexiglas, tubes, rods, plastic, metal, and acrylic paint. Oh, and let's not forget the GameCube. We're not sure if it can actually move (we suspect not), but even so, we're extremely impressed.

Consider our hearts melted.


[Via Techeblog]

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