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GDC08: Wideload's Hail to the Chimp bus


When we first heard that the Gamecock published Hail to the Chimp would be showcased on a bus rather than in a booth, we assumed the worst. Even now, given our previous evidence, we aren't ashamed of that assumption. We imagined a bus of debauchery and decadence. A place of foolhardy revelry. Immediately we began to guess just what the bus would be called. After a long and passionate discussion, we settled on Shuttlecock as the most likely moniker. Alas, no wacky transpirations took place, and we are left with an empty feeling. That is, until we saw just how nice the bus was on the inside. As the gallery below will no doubt prove, the folks at Wideload really know how to travel in style.

Gallery: GDC08: Wideload's Hail to the Chimp bus | 7 Photos

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