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How to future proof your HD DVD collection

Ben Drawbaugh

The good news for HD DVD fans is that although Toshiba isn't going to continue to manufacture HD DVD players, the ones already out there are sure to last a long time. But eventually a day will come when it just becomes impossible to keep your player working, and luckily since it's possible to rip HD DVD movies, you can convert them to Blu-ray. The Wired Wiki has a page up with the basics, but it's certainly not for the faint of heart and it's not step by step. It does include just about all the information you need to get started though, which is made up with three steps; rip, convert and burn. A dual format burner will be a must for this project as well as a fast machine and some software (not all free). This sounds like fun to us, but considering it looks like a lot of work, we'd rather just wait 'til the movie was released on Blu-ray and spend our time working on writing more posts.


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