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Steve Aoki hates World of Warcraft

Mike Schramm

DJ Steve Aoki, brother of Devon "deadly little Miho" Aoki and one of the heirs to the Benihana steak house fortune, hates World of Warcraft. Our favorite game got a weird mention in New York Magazine -- in a "21 Questions" interview with the DJ, also known as Kid Millionaire, he says that his biggest enemy is Blizzard's big MMO. Getting rid of the game, he says, has left him "much happier."

I'm not quite sure what else to say to that, except that I wonder what he played. My guess is that it was a Shaman -- he probably didn't have so many problems with spending too much time playing the game (after all, he's a DJ, and they don't work before sundown anyway) as he just did with all the constant nerfs. Maybe when those buffs show up, he'll be back.

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