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PS3 Poll Police: So, how was GDC 2008?

Nick Doerr

Another week, another visit from your local precinct's Poll Police. Grammatically unsound, ethically clean, and legitimately insane, we ask you questions that you answer and react accordingly. This past week, the Poll Police were on a trip to the Game Developer's Conference. Through the many sites you undoubtedly visited, you got enough information to have vicariously attended the event. So, what did you think?
How was GDC '08?
It seemed awesome. Lots of info and announcements.
It was pretty good. I heard what I wanted, mostly.
I was neither here nor there with it. Nothing major happened.
I felt there was a lack of anything exciting happening.
It was mostly a waste this year. I am upset.
So you're saying there was some kind of gaming event last week? free polls
Sony didn't have a very large presence, but we got enough stuff to keep you in the loop. Even if you aren't a Sony fan, there was definitely a lot of great information presented by Microsoft and third party companies to keep you on the edge of your seat. GDC wasn't the biggest announcement center for non-US companies (Microsoft seemed to blow its wad of titles all in one presentation), but it gives us the notion that the Sony Gamer's Day coming up will really let the PS3-related announcements shine bright. Last week's poll result, as always, is past the jump.

Another great turnout for the Poll Police this past week, where we asked about your reaction to the end of the HD DVD and Blu-ray format battle. A clear majority knew the format war was over as soon as the PS3 launched with a Blu-ray drive standard and the HD movie sales showed that to be true, week after week. Another 36% of you ranged from delighted at the news to surprised, but not exactly shocked to hear the news. The remaining 14% were blah towards the announcement and/or the format war in general. It was a good poll, we guess. Anyway, we'll be back next week and we greatly appreciate your continued support and voting!

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