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Atlus announces Persona 3 FES for the US on April 22

Jason Dobson

True to its word (or at least to the word of a timer clicking down to zero), Atlus USA has lifted the shroud of secrecy off of its intentions surrounding Persona FES, announcing that it's bringing the RPG expansion to the US on April 22 for $29.99. The new package will feature both an "enhanced version" of Persona 3 with new bonus features alongside a new chapter -- promising an impressive 30+ hours of gameplay it says here.

Even better, Atlus notes that the new chapter will be able to be played independently of the core game, though players with Persona 3 game saves will be able to use their save data in the new chapter. We'd like to come up with something witty with which to close out the story, but honestly we're too busy already plotting out how exactly we're going to get our hands on the game before it disappears forever.

[UPDATE: Oops, looks like the game is coming one one disc instead of two as previously reported...blame it on lack of caffeine]

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