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Don't put all your eggs in one basket: Vodafone selects Neverfail for BlackBerry failover

Chris Ziegler

Recent outages of RIM's carrier-wide systems in the States have put a giant spotlight on just how quickly the world's BlackBerry addicts can go into the most severe forms of withdrawal when their life-sustaining email is unceremoniously yanked from their sore thumbs. For companies rolling deep with their own BlackBerry Enterprise Servers on Vodafone, though, life just got a little easier thanks to the addition of Neverfail's high availability service, which stands guard over the back end and can take a number of actions if any problems are detected, including automatic restarting of software and servers, redirection to failover systems, or notification of IT peeps. Of course, it'd be great if the primary system just stayed online to begin with, but failing that, this seems like a solid option for companies whose executives immediately curl into the fetal position and start sobbing uncontrollably if the 8800 in their breast pocket turns into a paperweight.

[Via IntoMobile and Mobile Europe]

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