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The value proposition of iPhone without phone calls


The other day, I got sucked into a deep iPhone discussion. (It happens. Don't cast stones.) As you may know, I'm not big on the iPhone-as-phone. "What's the point," a friend asked, "of having an iPhone and not making calls on it?"

Back and forth discussion happened. Here's the conclusion: the iPhone transforms people like me from insufferable know-it-alls to insufferable know-it-alls with the entire Internet in our pants. (Or fashionable handbag.) (Or manziere.) (BRO!) Google and Wikipedia don't equate to wisdom and understanding, but they provide inexhaustible streams of on-the-spot factoids. End those "Who's right?" arguments fast.

So if you haven't jumped on the iPhone bandwagon yet, consider this. Put the Internet into your own pants. With EDGE, the Internet is anywhere you've got pockets. Until WiFi becomes ubiquitous, always-on connectivity is better than only being "sometimes-on." Especially when it's your pants (or purse) that are chock full of Internet-goodness.

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