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Lamborghini-branded ASUS ZX1 smartphone coming to CeBIT?

Chris Ziegler

Long a tradition in ASUS' notebook line, it seems like the storied Italian marque might be making a fateful move from the lap to the pocket. The rumored ZX1 handset from ASUS is said to be a fairly high-end smartphone -- and frankly, Lamborghini should expect nothing less -- with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, a 520MHz core, integrated GPS, HSDPA, and to loosely translate the French source, "all the colors of the Lamborghini brand." It looks like ASUS will be targeting the Touch crowd with this one, too, thanks to an expansive touchscreen that we'd guess will be at least a bit finger-friendly. If this all checks out, we can expect the ZX1 for about €650 (about $963) this summer following a CeBIT announcement.

[Via Unwired View]

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