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Poll: Have you seen a DTV transition commercial?

Ben Drawbaugh

With less than a year to go until the analog signals go dark, consumer awareness is one of the biggest concerns. While many analyst fear congress hasn't allotted enough money for advertising, we wonder if they've forgotten about all the public service announcement each station is required by the FCC to broadcast in return for the free use of America's airwaves. Some might argue that those who are the most affected have the best chance of catching one of these commercials, as the target audience is people who get their television programming exclusively via OTA antenna, and we'd go a bit further and say the same type don't have commercial skipping DVRs either. But these same people aren't the techy type and might just glance over any commercial not selling food or clothing, but in that case, there's no way to get to them anyways. We've seen a few of these commercials and wonder if the rest of the HD community has caught one yet, if not click through the break and watch.

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