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THQ and Blue Fang comment on new deal


Exactly one week ago, we reported on a deal between THQ and Blue Fang (makers of the Zoo Tycoon games). In said deal, the two would collaborate on a new title, geared toward the casual crowd, and available for the PC, Wii and DS in 2009. And with the Zoo Tycoon games selling 7 million copies worldwide, the two are hoping for a similarly successful hit.

So what new information can be gained from the interview? Well, for one, we're probably looking at a new franchise here, with many entries (unless, you know, it bombs). On top of that, this will be Blue Fang's first venture outside of the PC space and the company "can say without equivocation that this is the best stuff we've ever done." Bold words.

Blue Fang also comments that they've had Wii dev kits for awhile and have been working on this product for about a year now (why don't we have anything to see, then?).

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